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The Great Marijuana Debate


Stocksmarijuana is the premier provider of the latest news in the cannabis sector as well as providing companies an outlet to advertise their services. With legalization anticipated to only grow further in the upcoming years, it is our goal to provide you with companies that have a strong foundation and revenue streams. There are a lot of companies entering the sector without a lot of information being provided about their services and managements past activities. It is our goal to help you locate the companies operating or entering the sector that we believe has the potential for future growth, resulting in profits for our followers!


With over 300 publicly traded cannabis companies already in existence and more sprouting up every day, it is difficult for investors to focus on quality companies. Stocksmarijuana aims to help investors locate companies with strong fundamentals and a good management team in place, so our followers can locate the companies in the industry that are “in the industry for the right reasons” so your portfolio can grow on a daily basis!

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